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Physical exercise suddenly became an essential part of our daily routines in early spring; it was on the news, in the papers and on social media…


A Safe Environment for Leisure

Leisure pursuits are something that all of us need. They keep us fit and active, teach us valuable skills and help us build resilience and social bonds with others who share our common interest.

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Looking to the Future…

You might have noticed that suddenly the simple act of staying active and healthy is something that a lot more people are talking about. They are doing much more than just talking in fact, people are getting out there! Not just talking the talk but walking the walk…


Mindfulness… Coping with extended periods at home

For the majority of us reading this; we may well be doing so at home… The weather outside might be fine yet we’re unable to enjoy it, we might have jobs, busy lives outside of home that are temporarily on hold, people we can’t see right now and things we love to do but simply can’t at the moment.


Culture and the Arts in Times of Isolation

Nearly always when gatherings and get-togethers are temporarily put on hold, entertainment and the arts are the things that we all miss the most. As important parts of our lives, they bring us together in a way that few things can.


Is it Time for a New Hobby?

It is fair to say there is more than a little negativity around these days, as many of us are dealing with massive changes in our daily routines and the possibility of suddenly having a lot more spare time on our hands at home it can feel impossible to see any positives.


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