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Families who play together, stay together!

When we think of family time it’s usually a vision of everyone curled up on the sofa, watching a film together or sharing a meal. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, and it is really important to enjoy these moments, how many of us actually have family time where we exercise together?


Keeping your Motivation & Achieving New Goals

These days, it can feel a little like we are stuck in limbo, better times are on the horizon but the present; well it can feel challenging and a little overwhelming at times.

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Being Active, Nothing is Better for Body and Mind

We all recognise that physical activity is good for us but not everyone thinks about why… What benefits does an active lifestyle actually give to…


Helping you to keep inspired…

Physical exercise suddenly became an essential part of our daily routines in early spring; it was on the news, in the papers and on social media…


A Safe Environment for Leisure

Leisure pursuits are something that all of us need. They keep us fit and active, teach us valuable skills and help us build resilience and social bonds with others who share our common interest.


Looking to the Future…

You might have noticed that suddenly the simple act of staying active and healthy is something that a lot more people are talking about. They are doing much more than just talking in fact, people are getting out there! Not just talking the talk but walking the walk…


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