Myths and Truths of a leisure centre

There are many myths as to what a gym, fitness class session is like or the typical person that would normally visit a local leisure centre. We have identified some common myths and their truths.

Myth: ‘You have to be fit to use go to a gym’
Truth: Looking through the gym door it may appear that everyone in there are there is super fit athletes but, they all had to start somewhere. Many of them will have turned up nervously for their first gym induction but, overtime, their confidence grew along with their fitness levels. It takes time, but it will happen!

Myth: ‘I’m too old to go to a gym’
Truth: You are never too old to be active! There are so many different activities to choose from. The gym team will design a programme specifically for you and they will guide you to other activities that will also be suitable for you.

Myth: ‘You have to be slim to use a gym’
Truth: The gym is all about improving your health and wellbeing, no matter what size you are. There is so much more to exercise than losing weight!

Myth: ‘The gym isn’t the right place for people with medical conditions’
Truth: Medical professionals refer their patients onto our Exercise Referral schemes to help improve a variety of medical conditions including arthritis, heart disease, stroke, Long-COVID, diabetes and pulmonary conditions. Our instructors are qualified to help people to improve their conditions through exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Myth: ‘You have to have the latest fashions to go to a gym!’
Truth: As long as you are comfortable, your clothes won’t cause you to trip or get caught in a resistance machine, they are clean, you won’t get too hot and your footwear is suitable for working out in, we don’t care about fashion!

Myth: ‘Fitness classes are full of groups of people who know each other, they don’t talk to new people’
Truth: Many people attend fitness classes on their own, over the weeks they get to know people and friendships begin. They are very sociable sessions! Of course, some people prefer to keep themselves to themselves which is fine too.

Myth: ‘Instructors are intimidating and walk around flexing their muscles all day!’
Truth: Instructors chose this profession because of their love of fitness but, also they really want to help people to achieve their goals, whatever they are.

Myth: ‘You have to have coordination to go to a fitness class’
Truth: No coordination needed, just your willingness to have fun and workout!

Myth: ‘Exercise has to hurt afterwards otherwise you’ve not worked hard enough’
Truth: Whenever we start a new exercise programme our muscles complain a little bit afterwards. This is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) there is microscopic damage to the sheath that covers muscles, but the good news is that the body responds by making the muscle stronger and bigger to cope with the new demands placed upon them. DOMS settle down quite quickly and if you never progress your programme the discomfort is minimal. However, we want to challenge and improve our strength and fitness performance and so we can expect to be a bit sore when changing what we do.

Myth: ‘You have to work out for at least an hour a day to get results’
Truth: It is the quality, not quantity of training that gets results. Many people will work well within their comfort zones for over an hour, putting next to no effort into their training but in reality, if they worked harder for 20 – 30 minutes they would see more benefit.

Myth: ‘Exercise makes you hot and sweaty’
Truth: Yes, it can but it depends on what exercise you are doing. Your body temperature goes up when you are being physically active and you will sweat in attempt to cool down. If you are doing very strenuous exercise you will sweat more, some people sweat a lot, others not so much, we are all different. If the activity is more gentle, such as Pilates, you won’t get so hot.

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