Benefits of an early morning swim

Getting into the car and sitting in traffic for an hour while listening to early morning radio is the first thing many people do with their mornings, five days a week.

As the taste of toothpaste dissipates by the first roundabout so you can enjoy that cup of coffee in your travel mug – it is easy to question whether there is another way.

Of course, you could always cycle to work, but realistically, that’s not all that easy. There is, however, one thing you can change – how you feel – replacing the groggy head with a clearer and much more vibrant mind. How is this done? With a little exercise, of course.

There is something genuinely magical about an early morning swim. You arrive at the gym as we open (most open at 6am) and dive into the water a few minutes later. It needn’t be a long swim – 30 minutes is actually a good amount to do on a daily basis, and the effect will be immediate. That same commute can turn from drudgery to something quite refreshing and will be worth the alarm going off a little earlier than usual.

The buzz doesn’t stop once you enter the office either. A few lengths before beginning your working day will energise your brain, increasing oxygen flow around your body and making it easier to think and perform throughout the day – without even needing that expensive latte.

We all know the idea that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a half hour daily swim will achieve both. Everything gets better – from feeling less affected by stress, through to being happier with yourself and, probably, wanting to keep it up with some healthy eating, too. Supplement your new daily routine with a salad instead of a sandwich for lunch and the improvement to your life will be almost instant!

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