Better Together

We all need other people sooner or later. Perhaps one of the most difficult things recent times have thrown our way is that need for friendship, for community and the simple joys of doing things together at a time when it’s almost impossible for so many of us to do so.

Lockdowns, the closure of services, social distancing and restrictions on travel have all been vital to fight the spread of COVID-19 but for a lot of people, it has also meant isolation. Long weeks and even months without seeing friends or families and coping without doing the things they used to love.

Those whose routines involve their local leisure facilities have had to cope without them and the services they provide and for many, it has been a struggle. The impact on their physical fitness, mental health and mood has been one of the defining struggles of the pandemic, one that will take time, hard work and support to overcome long after things return to normal.

Being together is difficult at the moment, but making sure those we care about get the support they need doesn’t have to be…

At InspireAll we know how much you miss our leisure centres, swimming centres and sports facilities, especially at this time of year. We also know how much you miss spending time with others when you walk through our doors; we feel the same about each and every member of our community.

That’s why you can follow our centres on Facebook and Instagram, enjoy our health and wellbeing podcasts and stay up to date with daily updates and ideas on how to stay fit, active and most of all…connected!

You can also download the InspireAll fitness app, available on both Google Play and the App Store completely free. It is a great tool to keep active and fitness members can give our new digital membership a try for free during lockdown, enjoying things like:

  • A selection of over 100 OnDemand classes, in partnership with Technogym some from your own instructors including Yoga, Pilates and HIIT to enjoy whenever it suits you
  • Live-streamed classes for some sites from your own InspireAll instructors.
  • Workouts of the day – easy to follow exercises to allow you to continue your training at home.
  • Outdoor activity tracking, letting you track your daily run or walk and connect your devices including Garmin, Fitbit, Polar and more
  • Easy access to third parties including Myzone, Stages Flight, and Inbody (subject to availability)

2021 promises to bring better things, spring is fast approaching and the UK vaccine program has already gathered enough pace to start making a difference. We are looking forward to opening our doors again as soon as we are able to. Until then we will be here for you online, through the InspireAll app and on social media where many of our team are working hard to keep our pages up to date with new, interesting and engaging content.

Be there for each other too, stay in touch with the friends you enjoy your leisure time with and don’t forget to motivate each other to stay fit, active and positive, stay in touch with us too!

Remember we are all better together.

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