Is it Time for a New Hobby?

It is fair to say there is more than a little negativity around these days, as many of us are dealing with massive changes in our daily routines and the possibility of suddenly having a lot more spare time on our hands at home it can feel impossible to see any positives.

Yet no matter how dark things seem, there is always something positive, no matter how small…

For many of us that sudden free time might mean an opportunity to try something new, to rediscover something from our past or discover a passion we never even realised we had in the form of a hobby or pastime.

You may already have a hobby that you can’t do at the moment; there might be something you have always longed to try but never had the chance or a guilty pleasure from younger days, there’s never been a better chance to dive in and start enjoying something slightly different.

A world of healthy food

Eating out is something a lot of us enjoy but what is to stop us from creating that same great food at home? A lot of us are already onboard with home baking as a great way to relieve stress with a tasty, wholesome end result but there is a world of other healthy foods out there to try yourself. Greek, Italian, Indian, Mexican, all can be authentic and healthy with just a few simple ingredients and a wealth of recipes and resources online. You might just discover a culinary passion and flair you never realised was there!

Getting your hands dirty and giving nature a much-needed hand

Do you know your Begonias from your Bergenias? Do you know what to plant to attract the bees and butterflies? Your garden is a priceless asset in learning new skills and keeping your physical and mental health in good shape. Summer is almost here and just because large parts of the country are closed down, your beautiful garden can be well and truly open for business offering as much or as little physical exercise as you need.

Keeping in shape a different way

The gym is not an option right now and if you are a keen sports person it is highly likely that you’re unable to take part at the moment. How do you get your physical exercise fix and make sure that you stay at your best, whilst staying at home?

Although all of us are facing major changes in the way we like to keep fit and active we do still have that hour of daily exercise which is a priceless asset in helping to keep our fitness levels up. Activities such as yoga and Pilates are also perfect for preserving core strength as part of a home workout regime and a wide range of classes are available free online on sites such as YouTube for all ages and all fitness levels.

It is still possible and more important than ever to keep doing the things we love doing, albeit in a different way for the time being. Adjusting, adapting and being open to trying new things might just mean discovering something new that you really enjoy.

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