Keeping your Motivation & Achieving New Goals

These days, it can feel a little like we are stuck in limbo, better times are on the horizon but the present; well it can feel challenging and a little overwhelming at times.

The good news is that the people you care about are still there for you, just the same as you are for them. Even if spending time together is hard at the moment, doing things together is still possible and it can really make a difference.

The power of positive encouragement

There are always times when we feel low; so much is different at the moment that we can really miss the things we used to enjoy, particularly when we shared those things with others.

Make the effort to stay in touch with friends, check in with them whenever you can, you’ll be surprised at how good it can make you feel. If they are feeling low and need a little encouragement, be there for them.

Keeping active is a vital part of good physical health and mental wellbeing, if you are there for someone when they need some well-chosen words of encouragement to lift them out of their rut, they’ll almost certainly be there for you if you need the same support.

Making the digital world work for you

One of the things people miss the most about the closure of our leisure and swimming centres is the social aspects of their visits. The feeling of doing something positive and sharing it with a friend or making new friends with others you meet. It can be a difficult thing to live without.

We recognise that it’s why our leisure centre teams are working hard across our social media pages to keep you all involved with a wide range of daily activities. It is also why we have our InspireAll app to allow our fitness members to take part in online classes and activities.

Meeting others responsibly

As the UK is in a lockdown, time spent outside your home must be kept to a minimum; however you are permitted to leave your home to exercise in your local area, once per day.

You can do this with the people you live with, with your support bubble (if you are legally permitted to form one) or if you are on your own, then with one other person from another household while maintaining social distancing.

This gives us an important opportunity, for many, it might be a chance to meet a friend for a socially distanced walk, a catch-up and a chance to enjoy spending some time together being physically active. It can make all the difference if it’s a regular thing.

Learning something new together

It has become a bit of a cliché, particularly in the online world, many boast about their achievements and how they’ve used their new-found free time to launch a business, learn a language or well… You get the idea.

You don’t have to do anything boast-worthy but video calling and online courses can really help to pass the time if you and a friend have an afternoon free.

Bake a cake, take a quiz, take a virtual tour or do virtual yoga together. You could even just simply talk and enjoy each other’s company.

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