Looking to the Future…

You might have noticed that suddenly the simple act of staying active and healthy is something that a lot more people are talking about. They are doing much more than just talking in fact, people are getting out there! Not just talking the talk but walking the walk…

Recent events in the wider world have forced us all to have a look at ourselves and the things we may have taken for granted just a few short months ago, none more so than keeping fit.

Very quickly that daily time we were given to exercise and spend time outdoors quickly came to mean a lot. It was time to escape, to enjoy the fresh air and to enjoy a rare chance for physical activity.

For almost all of us, it became a big deal…

Later we were able to spend more time outdoors, even travelling a little further to places we knew and enjoyed, again the focus being firmly on fitness, mental and physical health and activity.

It is no surprise then, that so many have made that important connection between health and lifestyle, we never really realised the potential we all had until the opportunities were suddenly and dramatically taken from us.

If you have been making the most of that time given to you to get out there, be proud! Whether you’ve done it alone or with family, whether you have walked, cycled, jogged or simply strolled in the spring sunshine, the effort you’ve made, with very little in terms of equipment, advice or facilities has been truly inspiring.

Looking ahead, the question is, do you plan to keep it up when life returns to normal..?

You may have already achieved so much under such difficult circumstances. Just take a moment or two to imagine what you could achieve with the right help and advice, the best equipment and the safest environment in which to bring it all together…

Inspiring thought isn’t it..?

Soon that help and advice and those fantastic facilities will all open back up when the time is right. You could add swimming to your routine, first-class gym facilities, sports and the specialised advice of a dedicated team, all in a safe environment purpose-built to help you keep up your amazing work and to move it to the next level.

The world seems filled with negativity right now and without doubt, we are all living through unfamiliar and challenging times, taking something positive from them, no matter how small can make all the difference.

So if the lockdown, limited time to get outdoors and the need for physical exercise have given you a greater awareness of how incredible it can make you feel, why not take that, keep it and make it a part of your new normal..?

There will come a day not far from now when InspireAll can open their doors once again to provide the perfect, purpose-built environment for you to achieve just that.

We are looking forward to being a part of it.

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