Simple Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy at Home

Staying fit and healthy is important, that is quite an obvious statement. It achieves two things; firstly it helps us to live as long as possible whilst also making that life as enjoyable as possible. Of course we can take holidays, have the best things money can buy or that dream job, but without good health and physical fitness, it doesn’t really mean that much.

Sometimes the world throws us a curve ball, and as of today, in the early spring of 2020 the world is collectively dealing with quite a big one. The Covid-19 strain of Coronavirus is forcing us all to change the way we live. That might mean no holidays for a while, our favourite treats and products might be replaced by whatever we can get on our hands on and making them last a little longer than usual and that job we do, well we might suddenly find ourselves doing it from home…

These are all comprises we need to make but staying fit and healthy doesn’t need to be one of them, you can stay active and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle whilst spending a lot more time at home, here are some of the simplest ways.

Think smart with food

We have all heard and seen the stories about panic buying; it is a knee-jerk reaction to anything that jeopardises our way of life. Tins, dried goods and frozen food are all flying off the shelves faster than the committed and quite wonderful supermarket staff is replenishing them.

Everyone seems to be doing the same thing, that’s a problem but it is one you don’t have to be a part of, especially when fitness and health are on the agenda.

Go to your local grocers, your independent butchers and even the fresh food isle of your supermarket, it’ll still be busier than usual but people are focusing on food they can keep for a long time. Fresh which tends to keep the masses away from the healthy, fresh produce which, when cooked your own way is healthier and just as easy to pop into the freezer for another day.

Staying active at home

The local gym might be off the agenda for a while and social distancing, self isolation and working from home may mean your usual walking, running and cycling routes aren’t feasible at the moment, don’t worry.

Homes that are bereft of even the most basic exercise equipment still have in them almost everything you need to stay fit and active. Steps and stairs are great for aerobic activity, (try 50 reps, you’ll see exactly why) additionally simple household items such as dining chairs and books make really useful makeshift weights. It isn’t quite what we are used to but then again, few things are at the moment.

If more relaxing pursuits are what you crave, the great news is that things can go on much as they always have albeit in careful solitude. There are a wealth of YouTube Yoga tutorials and routines for every level and if you are lucky enough to have a garden, what better time to get it ready for the summer ahead, digging, pruning and enjoying the fresh air in careful isolation.

Much has changed at the moment, but it will pass and we all look forward to seeing each other again soon, in the meantime stay strong, fit and healthy!

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