The Better Health Campaign

It goes without saying that the past twelve months have been a time with very little for any of us to feel good about, yet people from every walk of life up and down the country are a constant source of strength and inspiration, even in these challenging times…

A recent survey by Public Health England is an amazing example of that fact. Despite all of us sharing concerns focused around our health, an overwhelming majority are now more motivated than ever to make 2021 the year we get healthier.

The nationwide survey of over 5000 people showed a staggering 80% of those asked have made the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle for the coming year, a bigger priority. That’s 8 out of every 10 people aged 18 or overplaying their part in a big shift in the ways we live our lives, 7 in 10 of those surveyed point to COVID-19 as the key deciding factor.

Evidence clearly shows a link between healthy body mass index (BMI) and decreased chances of being admitted to hospital with COVID-19. Based on the results of these latest surveys, people are taking notice and they’re also taking action.

Compared to the same time just twelve months ago, almost half the population aged 40-60 now feel much more strongly about how their lifestyles affect their health.

  • 40% of them plan to eat more healthily
  • 39% of them are more determined to lose weight
  • 41% plan to take part in more physical exercise
  • 43% of regular smokers plan to make attempts to stop in 2021
  • 45% plan to reduce their alcohol intake

However, if the survey points to positive changes for the coming year; it also serves as proof that the impact of the pandemic and particularly those long periods of national lockdown had an initially negative impact on people’s lifestyles.

  • A third of people reported snacking unhealthily at least once per day ( a noticeable rise on the previous year)
  • A third of people reported exercising less in the second half of last year
  • Almost a third of smokers said they were smoking more
  • Nearly a quarter of drinkers reported an increase in their alcohol intake

To build on this year’s momentum and to deliver help and support to those looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Public Health England has launched its latest ‘Better Health’ campaign to encourage everyone to work together towards healthier and longer lives.

For some that might mean smoking cessation, a healthier balanced diet or a more active lifestyle, for others it might mean a more mindful approach to their mental health and making the most of the facilities available in their towns and communities; to meet others and enjoy the social aspects of health and fitness when safe to do so.

2021 brings with it the promise of more positive times as many look to press the reset button when it comes to taking better care of their physical and mental health.

At InspireAll we’re looking forward to playing our part.

Search for ‘NHS Better Health’ or visit  for a range of free tools to support healthier habits, including the Couch to 5K running plan for absolute beginners.

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