Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

InspireAll has carried out a Gender Pay Gap review, in line with the UK Government’s reporting regulations. The data provided is a snapshot as of 5th April 2020. Those employee’s that were furloughed have not been included in the data. The Senior Leadership Team and the Family Support Services team continued to work throughout the pandemic and this has had an impact on the results. The Family Support services workforce, is made up of predominantly female workers, many working part-time hours.

Mean hourly rate of pay

8.5% – Men’s hourly rate is 8.5% higher than our female employees. As described above, the results are a combination of the Family Service workforce and the Senior Leadership team only.

Median hourly rate of pay

-16.6% – Women’s median hourly rate is 16.6% higher than our male employees. The challenge for us as an organisation continues to be to attract more males into the Family Support Services sector of our business, which predominately appeals to the female gender.

Bonus payments – mean

There were no bonus payments made

Bonus payments – median

There were no bonus payments made

Employees By Pay Quartiles

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